Fostering Is Rewarding!

Today I want to talk to you about FOSTERING.  While there are many ways you can give back by helping your local rescue or shelter, fostering is the most rewarding and commonly overlooked option.  Fostering does so much more than providing shelter for a dog in need.  Fostering does all of the following:

  • Allows a rescue to accept more dogs in need or near euthanasia than standard capacity.
  • Allows a rescue dog that has been through trauma or poor health to recover in a normal environment.
  • Allows dogs that have never been properly treated or socialized learn how to be a pet.
  • Allows for most of these dogs to feel the love that they have never been exposed to which helps them trust people again.

All of these things and more are the benefits the dogs experience in which prevent the all too common euthanasia that would occur if they are merely frightened or hurt in a kill shelter.  The unrealized benefits are those that the foster families experience.  Below are some personal experiences from families that have fostered for MTBR.

"Someone recently asked me why my wife and I are so committed to fostering homeless boxers and volunteering with MTBR.  Although it's true that we're dog people, and we especially love the boxer breed, that isn't the only or even main reason we feel so compelled to help.  You see, we have found that no matter how badly treated, no matter how starved, no matter how abandoned or beaten they have been these dogs come to us with the capacity for forgiveness, tolerance and unconditional love.  What a remarkable gift they give when they truly begin to trust us and shower us with the typical boxer affection.  What a lesson for us as humans!  The best part, though, is watching the magic that happens when these dogs overcome their past and are matched with the right family.  There may or may not be tears (I'll never tell!) every time we say goodbye to a new friend, but we count it as a privilege to send these dogs out to their own forever homes." 

- Don and Christine Davis

Thank you Don and Christine for being such an amazing part of our mission here at MTBR.

We hope that if you are considering helping the rescue or helping more than you currently are that you consider the benefits of fostering.  It not only saves another life but could greatly enrich yours as well.



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Fostering Is Rewarding!

Today I want to talk to you about FOSTERING.  While there are many ways you can give back by helping your local rescue or