About MTBR

Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue is located in Brentwood, Tennessee - about ten miles south of Nashville. MTBR has been rescuing and placing boxers since approximately 1990. During this time, we have seen more and more boxers come into rescue as the breed becomes more and more popular.

One of the most common questions we get is, “Where do the dogs come from?” Most of the dogs come from pounds or shelters, some locally, and some from east and west Tennessee, southern Kentucky and northern Alabama.  Occasionally, we get one as an owner turn-in, but most are strays whose owners could not be found, and a few are rescued from abusive situations. Almost without exception, the dogs come into rescue through no fault of their own.  Usually it’s due to an irresponsible or neglectful owner.

Once a boxer comes into our rescue program, it stays with us or in a foster home until a forever home can be found.Because we will not place a dog that we believe to be unsound of temperament, and because occasionally a dog will come to us extremely ill or badly injured, we do sometimes find that we need to euthanize. Otherwise, the dogs have no time limit to their stay in MTBR.

Every dog in our program gets a thorough vet check, is brought up to date on inoculations , is checked for heartworms(and treated, if it is necessary and the dog has a good chance of full recovery), and is spayed or neutered before placement in an adoptive home. If any health problems are noted that cannot be cured, the prospective adopter is given full information, so that a responsible decision can be made about adoption.

We are looking only for homes that are willing to commit to this dog for the rest of its natural life. The adopter must understand that not all health problems can be diagnosed before a dog is placed, that there will be adjustment issues (for dog and new owner), and that we expect the dog to be considered a family member. However, circumstances sometimes require that a dog must be re-homed, and if that should happen, we require that the dog be returned to us. We are always willing and available to help with advice on any problem an adopter may encounter.

Our goal is that dog and adopter forge a bond that neither would want to break. With rescue boxers, this goal is attained every day, all over the world.