MTBR Adoption Policy

In order to place our dogs in homes where they will be most likely to be safe, secure and loved, we have found it necessary to have the following policies:

Every dog adopted out by Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue, must be spayed/neutered. For dogs who our vet considers too young to be spay/neuter, a contract clause will provide a date by which this procedure MUST take place. Proof of spay/neuter must be provided. If it is not completed, adopter will forgo any and all rights to animal and it must be returned to Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue

Every dog adopted out by MTBR must be an inside dog. There are no exceptions! Boxers are extremely people‐oriented, and do not do well as outside dogs ‐ living apart from their “families.” An outside dog does not receive the kind of attention we want our dogs to have. If the weather is inclement, or the family members too busy or too tired, the dog is ignored. There is an article, “Outside Dogs,” by Dennis Fetko, PhD., that states our philosophy precisely. If you are thinking of making a rescue dog an outside dog, or if you already own an outside dog, please read the article above.

We require a fenced yard. We do, on occasion, make an exception to this rule, depending on the situation and the dog. Exceptions are always at the sole discretion of MTBR.

We do not make same‐sex placements. Same‐sex boxers almost always will begin fighting, necessitating the placement of one or the other into another home. We may occasionally make an exception to the same‐sex rule. Boxer often get along well with same‐sex dogs of smaller breeds. Again, exceptions are at the sole discretion of MTBR.

Every dog adopted out by Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue, must be kept on heartworm prevention and current on vaccines for the duration of their lives.

It is not always easy to find a suitable dog quickly. Many boxers are not suited to homes with cats, other dogs, other pets or small children (although they usually love children, they are often too rough for toddlers). Some boxers are too active for quiet homes, or just the opposite ‐ too quiet for a busy household with a lot of activity. Final decisions on adoptions are always at the sole discretion of MTBR.

Resident animals in a potential adopter's home must be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations and on preventatives.  Vet reference is required and will be completed as part of the adoption process.  Personal reference, phone interview and a home visit are also requirements of the adoption process.  Because we do not have a public facility, meet and greets are scheduled by appointment only to approved adopters.

This policy is subject to change at the sole discretion of Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue. For more information, please contact us.